Howard "Reddy" March

A fiery speaker for Black Power, Howard “Reddy” March left a position at the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1968 to join the Black Panthers. There his passion and rhetorical skill pushed him to enough prominence that, when J. Edgar Hoover was first learning of his own powers, he scanned March and, in the process, passed dark energy on to the Black Power advocate.

Initially, Hoover’s understanding of March let the FBI director deal more constructively with the Panthers. But when March’s own powers manifested, he struck cold, absolute terror into the hearts of America’s law enforcement communities. He spent much of 1968 traveling the American south, forcibly imposing ‘racial enlightenment’ on various sheriffs and elected officials. But Hoover always seemed to guess March’s next move, and in August of 1968, Reddy was run to ground in Perryville, Arkansas. Police surrounded the house where Howard was hiding, demanded that everyone inside emerge with their hands up and, when no one had within sixty seconds, they set the house on ablaze and opened fire with submachineguns. The four men and two women who were in the house with Howard were all killed, but Howard escaped, killing two police officers. (Two more were killed when a hand grenade intended for Howard went wide.) March was wounded, but escaped the police cordon and disappeared somewhere in Texas.

Howard laid low for most of 1969, constantly on the move and never daring to draw attention to himself. But in early 1970, he attempted to assassinate President Johnson, inveighing against “presidential mind control” before being subdued by Boris Mizurski and Henry Dowd—both of whom had been extensively conditioned by the president for total loyalty.

Held in extreme confinement, Howard March escaped in May 1971. His lawyers had been kept from consulting with their client, because the guards cited security concerns about approaching him. When permitted to speak to March from a distance, the attorneys again lodged a complaint, decrying the lack of privacy and insisting that they needed to be alone, face to face, with March. Finally obtaining a court order, the lawyers went into March’s cell without a guard escort and promptly vanished, along with the prisoner.

Facing relentless FBI pursuit, in September 1971 March managed to get to Attica prison during the riots. Between the prisoners within and an unexpected superhuman attacking from without, the police cordon was broken and the riot turned into a mass breakout. The National Guard was mobilized, as were Dowd and Mizurski, but this time the addition of Ian Kraus immediately stilled violence while escalating the fear to hysterical levels. Mass, panicky flight from the site caused some fatalities, but probably fewer than a superhuman battle above a clash between soldiers and escaping prisoners.

The most important result of the Attica jailbreak, however, was Mizurski’s refusal to speak with President Johnson again. Asserting that he’d been victimized by mind control, Mizurski became a prominent figure in the marches and protests against the president.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: Winston Koetke and six others

Personality: Passionate, strident, sometimes abrasive or intimidating but always uncompromising with his ideals.

Values: Black Power, Revolution

Known Powers

  • Reddy March's most notorious power is his Race Reversal Ray which changes the race a person appears to be.
  • He also has the power of Mind Freeing which helps people counterattack mind control.
  • March also has Regeneration, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, and Hyperbody.
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