Henry Hatchett

The Perfect Soldier

Henry always wanted to be a soldier. The things he saw growing up, the film from Vietnam, it didn’t bother him. He just thought it looked fun. Unfortunately, he was a fat boy with a stutter, and his military fancies only provoked the laughter of his peers. They provided plenty of incentive for violence, but something always stopped him. It wasn’t fear, but a peculiar shyness. The idea of beating someone’s face in bothered him less than the thought of being watched. So to avoid drawing more attention he put up with it and suffered in silence. Until the day he didn’t.

It was all a series of accidents and coincidences. A coincidence that he suffered a particularly severe spate of teasing that lunchtime. An accident that he was made to stay after as punishment for not knowing the answer in History class—an answer he actually did know, he just hadn’t been able to get it out. Mere happenstance that the ringleader of his tormentors was alone, walking to a car parked in a tree-shaded corner right beside Henry’s route home.

Henry was walking by just as the other boy was opening his car door, and Henry tripped on a fallen branch. The other boy turned and laughed and started the taunting again as Henry stood, and Henry really put his weight behind it as he launched the branch, end over end, into the other boy’s face. With a look of pure surprise, the boy dropped to the ground, out cold.

If Henry had just walked away, things might have been very different. But he was pretty sure that if he just did that, he would be on the top of that kid’s list for the rest of his high school career. Henry needed to do something permanent.

He knew the other boys hated weakness, and that if this boy became weak, they would reject his leadership. So Henry went over to the unconscious boy and, with no expression on his face, stomped both his knees as hard as he could.

The police came to get him that night, and that was when Henry’s fate really changed. He was sent to a juvenile home for wayward boys and might have become another victim or victimizer if the school had not been run by a Tier Nine whose powers focussed, like his career, on a desire to inflict pain, ensure control, and dominate those around him.
When The Principal (as he was called) realized that some of his broken and remade young men were developing powers, his ambitions grew in proportion.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Ky Thientong - Achille Riitzi - Yuka Masataki - Esteban Sanchez - Wanda Blake - Anita Dresden - Shannon Lovelace - Conan Scott

Personality: An idealist whose highest ideal is get-it-done pragmatism. Henry the Hatchet is patriotic, cold-blooded and willing to countenance any atrocity in the name of the greater good for America. In later years he sees himself as a liberator, instructor and protector of the downtrodden peoples of the world. At all points in his life he is willing and ready to rescue those in danger, not out of any real sympathy, but out of an eagerness to live out his fantasized ‘hero’ role.

Values: His Current ‘Commander’, Violence

Known Powers

  • Henry has Hyperathletics, Hyperblock, Hyperbrawling, Hyperendurance, Hyperdodge, Hyperstealth, Hyperperception, Hypersurvival, Hypertactics, and Hyperstability, hence his moniker.
  • He also has Hyperskill with knife and firearm.
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