Hector Faran

Hector grew up in Los Angeles, played football and wrestled, and joined the Army because he felt a strong, sure urge to kick ass. He was just a big, hairy, testosterone-laden guy looking for some excitement. Vietnam gave him all he could handle and then some.

By the time Ky Thientong bombed his base, Hector wasn’t just aggressive—he was angry all the time. He’d lost friends, and he couldn’t write off the imbalance between his grief and fear at their deaths, and the fatalities he was dealing out himself. Despite any sorrow or unease, however, he still never felt as alive as in the heart of conflict. Something in him loved a firefight, loved the deadly hide-and-seek of jungle patrol, just as he’d loved contact sports.

When Hector and the rest of his fire team (including Joe Smith and Ian Kraus) soaked up Ky Thientong’s excess dark energy, Hector found himself able to absorb the very terrain around him. Or perhaps it was the terrain that absorbed Hector. Whichever, he could become one with the geography, perceiving everyone and everything within a ten-yard radius as if it was his own body. Outside that radius he could see and hear normally. Moreover, the terrain defended him, and he could strike with it.

Hector soon racked up an impressive body count in Vietnam, but it was oddly unsatisfying. Unlike his equally-deadly colleague Achille Riitzi, Hector wasn’t much of a sadist. He wanted competition. When he learned about the Monument he knew where he’d find the challenge he craved.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Ky Thientong
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Hearty, intense, macho and tough. He’s got a perverse kind of optimism—it arises from seeing any bad turn as another challenge to overcome. And there’s nothing he likes more than overcoming a challenge.

This tendency explains the weird and complex on-again/off-again sexual relationship that, over the decades, forms between him and Nguyet Cam during his Vietnam years.

Values: The USA, Excitement, Adventure and Danger

Known Powers

  • Hector's ability is to Melt Into the Environment so that he takes on the aspect of whatever surrounds him.
  • Depending on this environment, this signature power can give him Heavy Armor, Stone Defense, Pliant Defense, Hard Attack, Soft Attack, Burning Attack, or Smother Attack.
  • When melded, Faran also is Immune to Organic Attack.
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