This group, whose name means "Glory" in Irish Gaelic, is the metahuman terrorist branch of the Irish Republican Army (IRA). It was started by Michael Sepponen when he was empowered by Deionne Bright and returned to Ireland in January 1972 to spread dark energy among his fellow Sinn Féin and IRA members.

By March of 1972, Andrew Colt and Amanda Sykes came to the UK to discuss options with the British governemnt and to conduct countermeasures which have mixed results. The metahuman group then attacked London in March of the following year, prompting the British government to hire Lin Wen and Paige Rampling to protect the city from further attacks.

Glóir made itself known publicly under that name in an assault on Mountjoy Prison in October 1974. Though the assault was met by Lin Wen and Paige Rampling and two Glóir members were taken out, the group managed to free over four dozen prisoners. Glóir followed up this action with an attack on the Houses of Parliament in 1974, a second attempt on Parliament in 1976 as well as the Tower Bridge and Big Ben which led to the destruction of all three landmarks, the sinking of two British battleships in 1979, the assassination of Barbara French in 1982, and another attack on London in 1983 during the so-called Metapocalypse when Lin Wen is killed.

While immensely successful, these attacks push Glóir into actions which are increasingly reckless and increasingly sloppy. In 1984 the group targets the British Cabinet but only kills hundreds of civilians instead, leading to the IRA disavowing them and their tactics. Without the support of their parent organization, the metahuman group is taken by surprise in 1985 from a devastating attack by the British government from which they never recover. After a brief resurgence in the late 80s, they are surprised again by the British Defenders who destroy the group for good on March 17, 1988.

Known members of Glóir include Gavin Burroughs, Marcus Collins, Michael Sepponen, Padraig Mctavish, Terrence O'Shay, and Zelda Estillõn.

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