Global Philosophical Alliance

The Global Philosophical Alliance (GPhA) formed in October 1994, a cooperative alliance of Progressive Harmony nations in South America, Africa, and Asia. In December of that same year, the GPhA made its influence known on a global scale by sending warships to Atlantis (at the request of the Atlantean One World Harmony party) to challenge the Shavians attempting to seize the brood chamber. The next year, with the backing of the United Nations, the GPhA deployed peacekeeping ground troops on Atlantis to prevent things from spiraling even more out of control.

As they became embroiled in the messy Atlantean situation, the GPhA faced a serious threat in 1998 when Amanda Sykes' comatose state temporarily removed the powers of all metahumans, decaying the Attitudinal Engineering employed by ProgHarm to make its social order function. After powers return, however, the GPhA refocuses and settles on opposition to Chinese agression as it's political rallying point.

In October 1999, Cambodia withdraws from both the IEG and the GPhA.

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