Gina Tzanetakos

Justine Time

Gina was eight when her neighbor Todd got squished.

They weren’t friends at all. Todd was thirteen and had no time for little girls. He was going to the quarry to swim (something his parents had forbidden) and the quickest route there involved walking across a railroad bridge. If he hadn’t had his bicycle with him, he might have made it. Gina saw it from a mercifully great distance. The junior high athletic field, where Gina spent many of her weekend hours, was due east of the rail yard. It was late afternoon, so it was in silhouette. It wasn’t graphic, it didn’t give her nightmares. But it did make her realize at an unusually young age that, hey, kids die.

What gave her nightmares was Todd’s mom when she got the news. One of the older kids at the field had run back to tell her and all the others, sensing that something was up, trailed along. Todd’s mom didn’t believe it and yelled at them, then got in her car and drove off. Next time Gina saw Todd’s mom she was weeping in her husband’s arms and moaning, “If only I’d been there! If only I could have gotten there!”

That was the first time she saw a grownup totally out of control, and she wouldn’t see it again until she was in college and one of the girls in her dorm attempted suicide. Gina heard the screams and ran to see what was happening. What a mess. Blood everywhere. The room mate was hysterical. But Gina remembered something about direct pressure from her Girl Scout first aid course, so she flipped the girl over on top of her bleeding arms and sat on her back. Then she told the room mate to go get an ambulance.

The suicidal girl had cut her writs crosswise instead of lengthwise, so she lived. At least, she lived three more years before doing it the right way, but by that time Gina had transferred to nursing school and was just about to graduate.

Two years into her nursing career, she took a trip to see her cousin in Baton Rouge and submitted to a fortune reading by Jess Hardesty. Jess told her she’d be lucky in love, and after that Gina had her pick. Doctors, bond traders, lawyers—she was suddenly getting invitations to glamorous soirees and exclusive country club parties.

At the same time, she was finding herself unexpectedly teleporting into danger, confusion and incipient disaster. She quickly learned to carry a disguise, and the police dispatchers in her home town of Nashville, Tennessee soon learned that when that gal calling herself “Justine Time” tells you to send cops and firetrucks and ambulances somewhere, you don’t ask questions, you send ‘em.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Jason Blume - Jasper Carruthers - Jackson Kingford - Mason Dean - Jess Hardesty
Power Level: Tier Eight
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Sober and demure, unfailingly polite and equipped with gracious southern charm, Gina ably conceals her considerable inner steel. Moreover, her abilities reflect a long-suppressed urge for thrills. She has, however, come to appreciate preparedness to a degree that would seem paranoid in someone with different powers.

Values: The USA, The South, Her Gentleman Callers, Helping the Needful

Known Powers

  • Gina/Justine has the ability to Perceive Trouble and the ability to use Trouble-Centered Teleportation.
  • She also has Hypernavigation.
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