Gilbert Varnham


Career: Professional

A Franco-Englishman with power over winds and storms.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Adam Milliard
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: Federigo Napoleoni, Jayna Yannic, Raimondo Quaranta, and three others

Personality: Reckless and adventurous, Gilbert takes to having powers instantly and likes showing off. He is prone to using his powers regularly for the smallest thing (even pulling a book to him with a stray bit of wind or creating a rain storm to fit his mood) and this earns him as many fans as enemies among the public.

Power Suite

Create Weather 8d + 2wd (48 points)

Despite its relatively low cost, this might be the most powerful of Gilbert’s abilities. He can change the weather to whatever conditions he wants in a 30 mile radius, affecting up to 128 tons of atmosphere (this corresponds roughly to about 90 km3, or about 20 miles cubed, at ground level). This is enough to summon a large-scale storm over a city, for example, or to redirect a weather front to the north or south of where it would be headed otherwise. Pushing a clear, sunny day into a raging storm is harder than making it slightly more chilly or bucking up the wind. Generally, the severity of the change depends on the height of the set rolled, but since Gilbert has wiggle dice to work with he has no problem get at least 2x10 with any roll.

Useful: Booster (Range) +1, Booster (Mass) +1, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Mass and Range

Control Weather 4d + 2wd (168 points)

Once he has weather to work with, Gilbert can use these conditions to blast his opponents, block attacks made against himself, or move things around. The dual Range and Mass capacities mean that he can use wind gusts, lightning blasts, hail, driving rain, or whatever other ambient effects that he requires to attack people or he can use them to push objects up to 80 tons (like a building) down onto them. Generally, though, he can’t manage both long-range and heavy-pushing but it hardly matters. Note that Gilbert doesn’t have the ability to create weather effects for an attack with this power he can only direct them (as usually with the Control Miracle in Wild Talents) so he needs to plan ahead with his Create Weather power to get the conditions he wants.

Attacks: Booster (Mass) +2, Booster (Range) +2, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Mass and Range
Defends. Capacity: Self
Useful: Booster (Mass) +2, Booster (Range) +2, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Mass and Range

Flight 6hd (60 points)

Using winds to lift himself and others, Gilbert can carry himself and up to 1,600 lbs of friends along at an impressive 80 mph. He enjoys wearing a long scarf while he does this for the dramatic effect.

Useful. High Capacity (Speed) +1, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Speed, Mass.

Zephyrkinesis 6d (24 points)

Even if he doesn’t have a large-scale weather system to work with (including inside) Gilbert can manipulate the air around him to lift and carry things for him. This works like the Telekinesis Miracle in Wild Talents except that it can only be used for Useful purposes.

Useful: Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacities: Mass, Range.

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