Gavin Burroughs

An undeveloped metahuman in a line of likely IRA members started by Michael Sepponen. His powers are left up to the GM to describe.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Deionne Bright - Michael Sepponen - Terrence O'Shay - Marcus Collins
Power Level: Tier Seven
Offspring: Padraig McTavish and three others

Kingdom, Power, and Glory

In the Kingdom, Power, and Glory mini-setting, Gavin is a megalomaniacal member of Glóir with the power to impress his presence over a large area. He is part of the organization's most ruthless campaigns in Northern Ireland and England and spreads powers to other Glóir members including Padraig McTavish, Nuala Dyer, and Jerrold Vincent.

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