Fred Cronwahl

Something is broken in Freddie’s brain. Maybe he was dropped as a child. Maybe several times. Maybe it was something more extreme than that. Or maybe some people are just born mixed up, cross-wired, their instinct to treasure and protect the young misapplied to sexual attraction. That’s when you get a potential pedophile.

Fred Cronwahl might have stayed only ‘potential’ and, hell, talk about your horrific existences! Can you imagine being sexually drawn to children and never, ever, ever acting on it because you know it’s sick and horrible and wrong? You might redirect your desires a bit, depending on the extent of your damage and the level of your libido, but some part of you would always hate yourself, hate that treacherous damaged section down in the lizard brain that looks at the little ones that way.

Fred’s got that part that hates himself but, unfortunately, his libido is very strong and his degree of damage is quite severe and his attachment to the rules of society and abstract concepts like ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ or ‘twisted’ or ‘perverse’ is pretty loose. He was a child molester even before he became a metahuman.

Only one time though.

That’s what he’d say if someone confronted him about it. Not that anyone would, because one day he got exposed through a subtle effect of which he was entirely unaware.

A portly waddling man with a slack and stupid face, Fred was never good at luring children close. He got lucky that one time, but usually he had nothing they wanted. That changed though. He could lure them close, while hiding from all those nosy cops and parents. And when they were close, close enough to touch, he could take them away and keep them forever.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Eloise Tyburn - Melanie Randel - Sandy Davis - Raoul Sadhil - Regina Pretorious - Sean Blotch - Monique Scarry
Power Level: Tier Ten

Personality: In some ways, Fred is much like a child himself. He is self-centered, unwilling to defer gratification, sulky and afraid of ‘adults.’ He’s a coward, but only a bully when wheedling fails.

Values: His Vision of What People Want, The Children

Known Powers

  • Fred has the ability to Create Extradimensional Space, a neverland of playgrounds and fun. He also has the ability to Move People Into and Out of Extradimensional Space to get himself "friends" in that neverland.
  • To help with his chilling hunts of "new friends," Fred has the ability to Melt Into the Environment like Hector Faran or Dale Webster and he has Hyperstealth.
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