EgNI#1, or "Extrageographical National Identity #1," was begun in 1990 by a collection of hyperbrains arguing that the existence of dark energy powers and the advanced technologies developed by people like Jason Weeks and Nguyet Cam made the idea of a physical nation obsolete. They argued for a national identity which would provide jurisdiction and protection for its citizens no matter where they lived, an extrageographic nation.

The UN refused to acknowledge the state but in September 1990 the hyperbrains purchased a square kilometer of desert in Morocco to make the idea more palatable. They pointed out that there was now a physical location for EgNI#1 and they stressed their willingness to provide millions of dollars in ongoing economic aid to their neighbors as long as they could legally do so as a recognized nation. The leverage worked and neighboring countries all recognized the sovereignty of EgNI#1.

In April 1991 the square kilometer was overrun by Bedouin tribes claiming a previous tie to the land. The UN councils were indifferent to the protests by EgNI#1's hyperbrains but in October 1992 the Children of Å began to protest the Bedouins' occupation.

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