Eckhart Dreschner

Career: Professional

A college professor, Dreschner is also a fiercely libera supporter of Communism. He recognizes the corruption that is ruining the party in the 1960s and this failure embitters him. When Yuliya Gomolova and Alexander Shelepin ask him to accept the mantle of Party Champion he sees it as the reawakening he was hoping for.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Yuliya Gomolova
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: None… yet.

Personality: The West German Druzhba champion is a strange figure. On the one hand he is very devoted to the Communist Party and relishes his chance to become a champion for his people. On the other hand, he is devoted to West Germany above Moscow and this split in loyalties might eventually lead to trouble.

Loyalties: Communist Party (2). Passions: The People of East Germany (2).

Power Set

Object Reading 10wd (40 points)

Eckhart is able to use this power to read the “aura” left on inanimate objects by people who have handled them. Given his pool of Wiggle Dice, Eckhart always succeeds at this but each set only works for one person. This means by dividing up his Wiggle Dice into multiple sets, Eckhart can read back through multiple handlers. He can also “skip” handlers to read a specific time, ignoring all the recent handlers of an object (for example) to see who opened this door last Tuesday.
The length of time in the past that the person last used the object determines the width of the set required which means if Eckhart is looking very far back he might need to concentrate on them one at a time. The width of the set also determines the time (in minutes) that it takes him to read the object. Height doesn’t matter unless there is some interference to overcome.

Width Length of Time in the Past
2x Within the last day
3x Within the last week
4x Within the last month
5x Within the last year
6x Within the last decade
7+x Longer ago than that…

Useful: Touch Only -2. Capacity: Touch

Imprint Object 4hd (32 points)

By touching an object for a minute or so, Eckhart is able to imprint it with his mind… or maybe imprint his mind with it. The metaphysics are a little vague, but the idea is that he can use it with his Object Clairvoyance power below. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to the number of objects he imprints given his photographic memory, but if Eckhart wants to make use of an object he imprinted years ago a Mind check might be in order to see how quickly he does so.

Useful: Touch Only -2, Permanent +4. Capacity: Touch.

Object Clairvoyance 5hd (30 points)

Once an object has been imprinted, Eckhart can concentrate on it to see the area immediately around it at the moment. The object has to be within range but that means 1,600 km.

Useful: Attached (Imprint Object) -2, Booster +6. Capacity: Range

Heavy Armor 4hd (48 points)

Not only is Eckhart's mind stronger, but his body is tougher as well.

Defends (HAR): Armored Defense –2, Endless +3, Interference +3. Capacities: Self.

Light Armor 4hd (24 points)

Eckhart's skin can turn aside blows that would kill an unpowered human.

Defends (LAR): Armored Defense –2, Endless +3. Capacities: Self.

Hypermind 2d + 5wd (88 points)

Eckhart was a smart guy before but now he’s damn smart. With his original Mind 3, the professor has a pool of 10 for his Mind stat which means he has a clear view of how the world works and who the major players are.

Hyperstat +4

Hypersense 2d + 5wd (88 points)

Not only is he intelligent, Eckhart also is intuitive and aware of his surroundings. This goes to further create a wedge between Eckhart Dreschner and the Soviet Union as the years progress.

Hyperstat +4

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