Dwayne Sinclair

Career: Soldier

Born in Alexandria, Virginia, Dwayne was a proud member of the Washington D.C. Police. His father served on his force, his grandfather, and his favorite uncle. There isn't a time when Dwayne remembers not planning to be a police officer. When he met his partner Maurizio Spear the two formed a lasting friendship and even delayed promotions until they could move through the ranks together.

In April of 1968 the two got a strange call while out on patrol: go to the Washington Marriott at Wardman Park and follow the directions of Special Agent Marks of the Secret Service. Working in Washington, the police ocassionally got called in to help the Secret Service or other officials but this call just seemed weird. When they arrived, Marks told them to head upstairs and watch the northern stairwell on the fifth floor. Simple enough, the partners went up and waited around for something fishy but nothing much happened. Then all of a sudden Dwayne's vision began to swim and he hit the ground hard, only dimly aware of Maurizio above him shouting his name.

When Dwayne woke later he was in a hospital. There was no sign of Maurizio but several men in government-issue black suits stood beside him. They asked him questions, probing him about what he had seen and whether he felt anything strange. Dwayne didn't know what was going on, especially when they gave up and called in this army general. There was something about the man that made Dwayne suspicious of him, though the policeman couldn't put his finger on him. Just something… off. The general stood over Dwayne's bed and squinted at him which made Dwayne even more concerned about this man.

After a few seconds, the general opened his eyes again and looked surprised. He glanced at the Service agents behind him, then grinned at Dwayne lying in the hospital gurney. "Son," Andrew Colt said, clapping him on the shoulder, "You and I are going to do great things."

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Magnus Ostberg
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: None… yet.

Personality: Dwayne is an upstanding officer, not the strictest but dependable and easy to work with. He doesn't want to become a soldier, he wants to patrol the streets and catch criminals. He resists getting pulled into military operations and ends up with the FBI instead, seeing himself as a super-detective instead of a superhero.

Loyalties: The Force (4), the U.S. (3), the Law (3), His Partner (2)
Passions: Catching Criminals (4), Foiling Metahumans (2), Helping Others (2)

Power Suite

Dark Energy Detection 5hd (50 points)

Dwayne can detect people with dark energy powers by concentrating. This power has a range of 1,600 yard (nearly 10 miles) and once Dwayne has “locked on” to a metahuman he can keep tracking them for the whole scene as long as they stay in range.

Useful: Booster +1, Duration +2. Capacity: Range.

Dark Energy Immunity 8hd (112 points)

Probably as a result of how he was hit unawares by a debilitating power, Officer Sinclair has an immunity to dark energy powers directed at him personally. Any powers targeting Dwayne have to gobble the dice in his set to turn this off, but Dwayne can also spend Willpower to add up to two more dice to this pool (1 per normal die or 2 per Hard Die).

Useful: Permanent +4, Self Only -3, Variable Effect +4. Capacity: Self.

Precognition 10hd (120 points)

By concentrating, or sometimes when he just lets his mind wander, Dwayne can see visions of the future. These visions can be up to a year ahead of time, but sometimes Dwayne only gets a week’s warning if the event is only known to a few or its outcomes aren’t certain. When he has these visions they are extremely vivid as if Dwayne had lived through the event. The precognition takes 5 minutes of concentration and, unlike the Precognition ability in Wild Talents, it doesn’t cost Willpower. Then again, it’s not foolproof and only gives “probable” occurrences.

Useful: Booster +4. Capacity Range

Hypermind 2d (8 points)

Dwayne is a lot more clever than he used to be, able to assess situations like a pro now.

Hyperstat +4

Hypersense 3d (12 points)

Officer Sinclair’s real ability, though, is his increased awareness and intuition.

Hyperstat +4

Base Willpower +16 (48 points)

Dwayne takes his new job very seriously, and he pours this determination into his work. In game terms, this means putting Willpower frequently into his rolls to track down dangerous metahumans.


Along with Officer Spear, Dwayne becomes known as half of the J. Edgar Hoover's "Exam Team." The two have a strong partnership even after gaining dark energy powers and they use them to search out metahumans within the United States to make sure they aren't a threat. They work with General Colt's team to find Russian metahuman sleeper agents as well, traveling coast to coast searching and identifying.

He continues to hold a grudge against Dr. Ostberg for taking him out in the hotel stairwell, but as he grows to value his powers this resentment becomes a simple bruised ego and fades with time. He prefers to work with Hoover for the early part of his career, avoiding the military personnel and getting pulled away from police work.

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