Duc Van Ho

Pronunciation: Dyooch Vahn Ha

Fortified Psychic Switchboard

Duc is a stalwart communist, a believer in the inevitable rise of the proletariat and the withering away of the state. He becomes a favorite of Nguyet Cam’s after his change, for he’s one of the few who can understand (at least partially) the goals and methods of Progressive Harmony. Given his psychic abilities, she can be sure his mind is lipping-full of her philosophy. Right up to his suicide in 1997, Duc regrets his inability to fully grasp Nguyet’s intent and analysis. But he never doubts it. His dying words are, “Forgive my weakness great leader, but I cannot continue, having beheld the Unsided.”

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Nguyet Cam
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Uknown

Known Powers

  • Duc has Telepathy and is Immune to Mind-Based Effects, in addition to being a Hypermind.
  • His most powerful ability, however, is the power to Form a Psi-Link with a person which permanently inducts them into a psychic network which he can communicate with. It can hold up to ten people, including Duc.
  • Through his Psi-Link network, Duc can use Brain Radio to communicate with whomever he's linked with.
  • He can also **Backup Consciousness* on someone he touches, keeping a copy of their mind in his own for later consultation.
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