Dino Corliss

The Man Who Changes Things

Dino grew up ancillary. Not quite powerless—there’s a romanticism about being an oppressed and pitiful victim of the status quo. At least, there is from the outside. But Dino wasn’t poor, he just wasn’t rich. He wasn’t neglected, he simply wasn’t loved like his brothers. (No, really. His parents treated him well and never abused him, they loved him in a perfunctory way, but unlike his older brother who was on death’s door two or three times as a child, and his youngest brother who was a sports and school prodigy, Dino was just kind of there.) Dino was, throughout, one of life’s many C+ students, the fat at the middle of the bell curve, an unobjectionable element of the majority. If he vanished, the ripples would be slight.

He managed a fast-food drive-thru in Indiana that got robbed by a nerve-scrambling Tier Eight. Coming right after a night spent trying (and failing) to install a home dishwasher, it was too much. The robber made him hurt and Dino didn’t give a shit, he grabbed the punk and then the thief made Dino’s senses explode with confusion, noise and light and nausea and Dino was pissed. Who was this dickhead? A supervillain, a no-shit metahuman and he was robbing a burger joint? C’mon, seriously?

Then everything snapped back to normal, only not really. Normally, there wasn’t blood all over Dino’s hands and chest and brown polyester uniform. Normally there wasn’t a mangled man lying in the middle of his restaurant. And normally, the people who worked with him weren’t screaming, and fainting, and barfing, and looking at him with total attention. Granted, that look in their eyes was mostly horror and shock, but to Dino it looked a lot like respect.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Judith Weissman - Joao Perdomo - Christina Rodriguez - Olive P. Marceau- Scott Draper
Power Level: Tier Nine
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: A mouse that’s ready to roar.

Values: Traditional Masculinity, Self-Aggrandizement

Known Powers

  • Dino has the ability to Transform _ to _, in a lesser form of Jack Grimes's power.
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