Dinh Quang Phung

Pronunciation: Deen Kwang Foon

Inventor With His Head in the Clouds

It didn’t take Nguyet Cam long to find a curious and inventive personality just perfect for the role of Progressive Harmony’s fountainhead of technological innovation. Dinh is an energetic, high-strung cricket of a man. Though easily irritated, he quickly swings back to cheerfulness and forgives rapidly. He shares Cam’s fascination with space (though he is far more optimistic about what’s out there) and when she hasn’t gently suggested another path for his investigations, space exploration is where he directs his considerable energy. He has the stats for a Tier Three Gadgeteer (as given in the Progenitor sourcebook). He survives up to 1999, pottering in his lab the whole time. Of course, after 1982, his lab sits at the top of the space elevator Thien The Thang Máy, and rather than let the IEG rescue him in 1983, the US military severs the tether, sending the satellite drifting off into the deeper regions of the solar system, not to return until 1988.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Nguyet Cam
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

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