Deionne Bright

The Rock Star

Deionne always introduced himself as a musician, but despite some small skill with the harmonica, he made most of his steady money unloading grocery trucks. His insurance wasn’t that great, so when one of those trucks backed into him and crushed his pelvic bones, it looked like he was going to have to sue somebody to pay for the reconstructive surgery, while at the same time enduring months of agonizing physical therapy. But he hadn’t even had a chance to contemplate those issues when Abe found him. No, he was still being fed loads of morphine to deal with the horrible, horrible, horrible pain.

Abe, being a rather self-conscious superhero, healed Deionne and then crept out of the room without disturbing him, not realizing he’d infected the poor broken stocker with unbelievable degrees of power. That power was shaped by Deionne’s subconscious mind into a form that helped him understand what had happened, explained the hellish agony and, more, helped his dreams come true.

Within two months of walking out of the hospital, Deionne had his hospital bills dealt with. The people in the billing department were very understanding, and he was soon packing crowds at the local D.C. blues clubs. When he moved to New York, he became a sensation.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abe Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Michael Sepponen, Jonas Dreyer, Charles Priestly and five others

Personality: Deionne was, initially, a pleasant, laid-back and self-effacing guy. As he reaps the rewards of his skills, he gets disconnected from his common roots, develops an ego problem, starts taking drugs, surrounds himself with gold-diggers and yes-men, and turns into the most stereotypical arrogant rock musician you can imagine. But behind it all, he’s always got the devil to keep him scared and just a bit humble.

Values: Artistic Integrity, Luxury

Known Powers

  • Deionne has become a musical celebrity thanks to his Hyperperform skill and Hypercharm power.
  • He is also Unaging so he always stays young and youthful.
  • Deionne's strongest ability is his power to Summon the Devil, or at least his perception of him. The Devil has the ability to Grant Wishes and has Hyperbrains to figure out exactly what people want to know.
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