Danny Gore


100% regular kid, fourteen years old in 1983 and in the middle of nowhere. To him, the abortive war fomented by the Metal Virus was just something you saw on TV. No global power cared enough about his home town to bother dropping a nuke on it.

He thought Reagan’s “Patriot Spring” was about the neatest thing ever and did school projects on it and everything. One of the groups that stuck together afterwards (”Dark Energy Defenders”) based itself in his state capital, and it was a major influence on his decision to go to college there. (He studied political science. His GPA was 2.9. Partial soccer scholarship.)

When D.E.D. split up, it broke his heart. He was at the press conference where they announced their dissolution. (He was taking a class on “Metahumans and the Social Contract.”) Afterwards he pushed his way to the front and demanded to know why from one of the group’s more charismatic members. Instead of an answer, she made a gesture and his mouth stopped working for half an hour.

But that night, oh, that night. That night he dreamed.

He dreamed of fire and grace and (for some reason) of sea creatures, and when he woke up he was climbing up the side of the Capitol rotunda with one of his former idols circling in the air, eyes wide. “Wait,” Danny tried to say, “I’m a good guy!” But he wound up getting blasted with force bolt and being chased off by the very heroes he hoped to emulate.

A rocky start, but Danny was always an optimist. He saw the glass as half full. Half full of fire and octopus tentacles.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Ngoc Vo - Charles Dooley - Morihei Sugamoto - Yuki Ittei - Carol Berry - Augustus Pryce - Marcia Gordimer - Alice Szynetski
Power Level: Tier Ten
Offspring: None

Personality: Chipper, energetic, enthusiastic and possessed of a puckish sense of humor.

Loyalties: The Superhero Ideal, Spectacle

Known Powers

  • Danny is able to close his eyes and hold his breath for a second to transform into Plasmäctopus Form, a giant octopus wreathed in flames.
  • His octopus body gives Danny Elasticity and Multiple Actions, and his halo of fire gives him Regeneration and I'm Covered in Fire, Bitches!
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