Dale Webster

The Lawn

Dale’s family lost the farm when he was twelve, and they had to move away from all his friends and sell off his horse and stay in an apartment rented to them on the cheap by his mom’s brother Chad. They moved to a city and it was noisy and crowded and most of the time you were indoors and couldn’t tell autumn from spring.

The only cool thing about the city was that it had its own superhero. The first time he saw The People’s Collective Dale just stared with his jaw slack, like a total yokel. The kids at school had a good time with that one, the snide city jerks.

The second time he saw her was right after his first view of a Metal Virus killbot. The bot was pushing over a streetlight in order to reproduce, but when he stopped to stare at that, it spotted him and turned. And then the Collective slammed into it like the world’s biggest booger and he ran forward, reaching out, wanting nothing more than to join The People’s Collective, to join the fight.
He spent the whole day sharing space and experience and mind with Angelica Ming and afterwards they dated for a while. But she wasn’t his power ancestor. Instead, he got it from one of the Tier Eight weirdos that Angelica fought. But that was OK with Dale. He wanted it. He’d been chasing supervillains for months, chasing exposure, chasing his dream. He was just one of the few who caught it.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Cole Laskin - E.J. Houghton - Sydney Ford - Moon Dawson - Angelica Ming - Leo Dap
Power Level: Tier Nine
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Dale’s a stoic with a rather simplified view of right and wrong. Not a big talker, but he’s got a big heart and he wants to be a superhero. The parks of San Francisco are never the same.

Values: His Chosen City, Superheroic Good-Doing

Known Powers

  • Dale has the ability to blend into greenery with Lawn-Dependent Invisibility, similar to the camouflage powers of Hector Faran.
  • He also has Lawn-Dependent Invulnerability with which he can have his blended environment absorb attacks.
  • Finally, Dale can attack with Blade of Grass which makes a powerful plant-whip.
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