Dac Kien Truc

Pronunciation: Dahk KEEyan Trooch

Tuong, the Monument

Pronunciation: Twong

When Vietnam was first partitioned, some communists from the south were exiled to the north. Dac Kien Truc was one of them. He’d been a history teacher, and communism’s appeal to historical forces convinced him. A decent speaker and a good thinker, he was modestly placed in the party—just high enough to warrant banishment with Ho Chi Minh.

In 1965, he came back, trained as a soldier, to free his homeland from the foreigners, plunderers and sycophants. By 1968 he was a low-ranking officer, battle tested and respected by his men. None of that mattered when Amanda Sykes attacked.

Ky Thientong (see p. 182) was the only survivor of Amanda Sykes’ first sortie. It was such a success that the planners decided to have her support a major troop maneuver, a big push against a heavily defended position in the north. Dac Kien was entrenched underground and heard the reports about a “flying woman” before she arrived. He’d heard just enough—that she could breathe fire, that she’d torn apart a tank with her bare hands—that when the screams echoed through the tunnels, he picked up his sidearm, crawled into one of the larger chambers, and waited. He wanted enough room that he could raise his hands appropriately when he said “I surrender.”

The woman seemed confused, even though her face was hidden. Her posture indicated surprise, though perhaps just unease that a ‘gook’ could speak English. With a sudden, tense movement she pointed at him and he passed out.

He came to with his hands cuffed behind him and a G.I. slapping him. It was the beginning of an interrogation, and they planned to soften him up with blows before the questions. But with the third or fourth strike, he struck back, in a way he couldn’t understand. The man striking him disappeared, and when another soldier grabbed him, that one vanished as well and Dac Kien was suddenly big enough to break his bonds.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes
Power Level: Tier Two

Personality: Dac Kien Truc is a well-educated and articulate man, whether he’s speaking his native language, or French, or English. He was an idealist at one time, but war has hardened him and he has come to accept that some people cannot be persuaded and must be removed.

Values: Communism, Vietnam

Known Powers

  • Dac Kien has the ability to Dissasemble People into constituent parts which he then incorporates into his own body.
  • Using his stolen mass, Dac Kien has the ability to achieve amazing levels of Growth and become the walking colossus that gives him his moniker.
  • In addition to this growth, Dac Kien has Hyperbody, Extra Tough, Heavy Armor, and Light Armor.
  • When huge, Tuong can also Shout to devastate his enemies and he is Immune to Human Physical Frailties.
  • As his ears and eyes increase in size, Tuong gets Superb Sight and Hearing.
  • He can also use his massive bulk for Rending buildings, ships, and metahumans.
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