Cynthia Carls

The First Atlantean

An early hippie, Cynthia left her upper-middle-class parents for college and then for music, free love and, most importantly, enlightenment. Unfortunately, Cynthia pursued her spiritual ends with chemical means, much like her tier-mate Jason Weeks (p. 195). Like him and Jarvis West (p. 203) she was in a Washington DC hospital when Abe Sykes (p. 173) came to visit. Unlike Jarvis and Jason, she’d been there for three years, comatose.

She awoke to find Johnson (p. 169) twisting the US deeper into the war, a war being fought by inhuman armies and a flying woman of terrible might. She protested, but when the President spoke to the crowd she could feel him breaking their will, trying to break hers as well.

When MLK (p. 229) got shot, she despaired. She meant to walk out into the sea and drown herself, but when she went down for the second time, her body’s natural panic kicked in. So did her unnatural power to shape earth and stone. An island rose up in the bay, lifting her back up to life. Amazed, Cynthia turned to the east and started walking, the ground rising up to meet her every step and then surging beneath her, carrying her to the middle of the Atlantic where she began to call up a new continent, a land free of the old ways, a nation built on the will of its founder.

She called her island “Atlantis.” But until MLK’s ghost appeared to her, she was unsure just what to do with it.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abe Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Closed Vector

Personality: Very much a dreamy, glass-half-full idealist. Like many idealists, she can become shrill—even vicious—when contradicted. But she does not see herself as a violent person, which makes it necessary to push her very hard before she rips open the ground and drowns you in magma.

Values: Atlantis, Escaping the Past’s Mistakes

Known Powers

  • Cynthia is capable of Sculpting the Earth which she used to create the island of Atlantis through an innate Knowledge of Geology.
  • When attacked, Cynthia can call the earth to her defense with Lunging Shields of Stone to defend herself and Earthquakes and Lava to pummel her opponents.
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