Connor Sprague

The Human Ham Radio

Connor Sprague was the guy who introduced Anaïs Suan to Aristophanes Baaden. He patted himself on the back when they got together, and he felt just awful when Baaden blasted her out that window.

Connor, like Aristophanes, was a sound technician. In his case, instead of recording, he specialized in broadcast, and worked at the radio station with Anaïs. He also had an enviably large flat in Paris, the outcome of a long story too tedious to relate and only relevant in that, when Aristophanes panicked after his powers went off, the first place he though to run to was Connor’s pad. Risto didn’t really think it through before demonstrating his abilities. Connor discovered his own powers within a few months of handing his buddy all the cash he had on hand and helping him get a train ticket to the coast.

It started with voices in his head, but they went away every time he noticed them. Sometimes music. Dreams with plotlines and commercials, but still strangely flat. It wasn’t until he was listening to music in his head and heading into the Metro that he realized he was picking up radio broadcasts. But the news agent had a radio on next to his cash register, and it was the same song. Connor wasn’t just remembering a tune, he was receiving it.

Unlike many on the higher tiers, Connor had had enough time to grasp the presence of metahumans and, like everyone, had thought about what he’d do if he was one. But he’d never imagined having the abilities he actually got (though, in retrospect, it seemed pretty obvious). Connor Sprague could tune in any radio station, could receive TV signals and even see the images in his imagination, somehow. (They were accurate too—he checked against small details.)

When he found out he could broadcast as well, he gave in to temptation and inflicted the occasional burst of static on rival radio stations. Police bands were wide open to his perceptions, and one day, after learning the codes and seeing a woman get slapped by her boyfriend on their balcony, he broadcast a summons directly into the nearest prowl car.

As powers go, it was sometimes entertaining, or informative, or useful on the job, but hardly something one would use to ‘fight crime.’ It was minor.

Until cell phones.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Deionne Bright - Charles Priestly - Anaïs Suan - Aristophanes Baaden
Power Level: Tier Seven
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Laid-back to the point of laziness, Connor initially seems like a modest and satisfied guy. As cell coverage expands and he realizes that he can learn anyone’s secrets, or place a fraudulent call in someone else’s voice, his personality leans more towards self-satisfied and smug.

Values: Western Society, His Personal Comfort

Known Powers

  • Connor has the ability to Perceive Broadcasts from radio sources and to Decode Radio Signals if they are at all encrypted.
  • He can also Control Radio Waves and Broadcast on his own.
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