Christopher Marshall

The Infinite Recruiter

Christopher Marshall was kind of a lazy kid. He graduated high school with decent grades but no real plans and not much ambition, so he joined the army. Honestly? He’d always got by on his charm and looks, but he recognized at some level that his life needed more direction and structure.

The army gave him that in spades. He joined in 1961 and was never stationed farther from the U.S. than Germany. When it was suggested that he might serve Uncle Sam best as a recruiter, he agreed and went back to his Midwest home. Sergeant Marshall had never fired a weapon in anger and was comfortable with his Army life until a woman came in one day and said, “I want to help win the war, and I can do this.” Then she levitated him out of his chair. Nothing was the same after that.

It wasn’t until three months later that Sergeant Marshall had a dream about calling soldiers and having them rise out of the ground, answering his commands. He awoke to a polite tapping at his window, and screamed.

The first unit of Turf Warriors had arrived.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes
Power Level: Tier Two
Offspring: None, likely a Closed Vector.

Personality: The sort of cheerful, can-do personality that someone handsome and fairly lucky develops. He’s a little attachment-averse, but you have to pick through a thick veneer of hearty good nature to find that distance.

Values: The USA, Personal Success, His Good Name

Known Powers

  • Christopher's signature power is the ability to create Turf Warriors and Metal Officers to fight for him. These soldiers are unquestionably loyal, tough, and focused.
  • Later in his career, Christopher realizes he can Control Earth and Stone as well, even when it's not in Turf Warrior form.

The Breaking Point

In The Breaking Point homebrew setting, Chris's powers are capable of transmitting dark energy and give powers to many of the power offspring listed in the sourcebook for Andrew Colt: Jason Blume, Mark May, Art Harmon, and Joe Ruiz as well as an ARVN commander and Vietcong officer. This still leaves three other offspring unaccounted for.

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