Christofero Muñoz

El Cucuy

Christofero was a petty little Mexican scumbag of all work—smuggling people, strong-arming, a bit of pimping for a year until he fucked it up. That’s not to say he deserved to be burned alive, but certainly his power-ancestors victimized people who were much more innocent.

Jarvis West fled to Mexico in 1969 and his wretchedness flowed downward. He rapidly attracted an entourage of sycophants and ambitious crooks hoping to absorb his power, and some did. One of them, Esperanza Soto, took off on her own before Jarvis could get tired of her, and she passed the power on to Adelmo Archuleta, who gained powers over temperature. Christofero didn’t know this when he started competing with Adelmo for Esperanza’s attention, but he figured it out about the time the plastic frames of his sunglasses melted and ran down his face.

Esperanza didn’t like the ugliness and sent Adelmo away, leaving Christofero collapsed on a dusty cantina floor. Eventually he was tossed out the back with the rubbish, and that’s where he changed.

Adelmo had laughed while Christofero burned, and after his own change, Christofero understood the joke. He got it. And then he tracked down Adelmo and made sure he got the joke too. Got it good and hard.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abe Sykes - Jarvis West - Esperanza Soto - Adelmo Archuleta
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Sadistic psychopathy. When he changed, his identity and personality did too, altering to fit the new role he saw for himself. Christofero Muñoz was no saint. El Cucuy is the closest thing Christofero could imagine to the devil himself.

Values: His ‘Boogeyman’ Persona, Sadism, Perverse Humor

Known Powers

  • Christofero is permanently changed into an Alternate Form of a charred monster.
  • In this alternate form he has Hyperbody, Hypercoordination, Hypermind, Hypercommand, and Hypercharm as well as Hyperstealth, Hyperdodge, Hyperstability, Hyperintimidation, and Hyperweapon with blades.
  • As a terrifying creature of darkness, Christofero has an Unconventional Move power that lets him step between shadows.
  • Although his alternate form is already horrifying, Christofero also has a Boo! power that drives people insane with fear.
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