Chatelaine Debussy


Detroit was not kind to Chatelaine. She moved there with her boyfriend—well, really it was more that he moved there and she followed him and he wasn’t her boyfriend anymore but she was really sure, really really, that they were going to get back together, except they didn’t, and she’d dropped out of school and everything.

So Chatelaine started turning tricks. One of those tricks happened to be a salesman from Canada in for the car show and, in addition to a simmering case of venereal warts, he was infected with Selarosis Maxilliae (see p. 250). Oh, and dark energy. When he used his newfound persuasiveness to talk her out of charging, she got all three.

As her pimp yelled at her and started folding up a coat hanger to teach her a lesson, Chatelaine—with a sensation very similar to what she’d felt when she’d run away from her mom and creepy step-dad—decided to be done. What was coming didn’t matter, what was past was just prologue, the important thing was being done with that moment, that imminent beating, that numbing use and humiliating servitude.

When her pimp turned away from the coat closet, the hanger dropped from his slack fingers. Chatelaine had changed.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Tyler Ford - James Blaine - Jean Davis - Edmund Moore
Power Level: Tier Eight
Offspring: Unknown, possibly a closed vector

Personality: Once she was a low-self-esteem case with not too many brains and a whining habit, dead on trajectory to find some substance to addict her. But what she really wanted above all else was to stop being that, stop being hurt, stop being accessible to pain. So now she is remote, distant, uncaring, yet in some abstracted way interested in changing the face of Detroit. Now, she is Pearl.

Loyalties: The Principle of Individual Freedom, Her Individual Freedoms

Known Powers

  • Chatelaine's signature ability is Body of Pearl, a permanent transformation into an asexual form with Invulnerable durability.
  • She also has incredible Stability to deal with the hardships of fighting crime.
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