Chandra Desani

A Woman Against Entropy

Chandra has no idea where her power came from, which is not uncommon for those afflicted by mind-clouding. She saw a picture of [[Tyler Ford]] in the post office, then saw him at a grocery store. As she watched him pick up a package of toilet paper and walk out without paying, she forgot about the wanted poster. As soon as he was out of her sight, she forgot she’d ever seen him. But his power would not forget her.

In 1965 the US changed its immigration code, little realizing that they were going to prompt an influx of skilled professionals (who were favored under the new rules) from Africa and India. Chandra’s husband, Dr. Pandit Desani, was one of those professionals.

Initially they lived in New York City, where many of the immigrants were rapidly building a cultural enclave. But something went wrong even before Pandit had sent for her. He never spoke about it, but he alienated some powerful and influential men in New York and Chandra was only in the city for two days with her new husband before moving to a mysterious region called Wisconsin.

Pandit treated her well, but he was protective. He could easily provide for them, so why concern herself with matters outside the home? It took a year of oblique discussions and tangential comments before he agreed to let her learn English.

She was four months pregnant and just starting to be comfortable talking with phone solicitors and gas-station clerks when she forgot Tyler Ford. It was not long after that that things started to improve. Literally.

Her kitchen knives became sharper and sharper without the touch of a whetstone. Vegetables looked fuller and plumper after three days in her home than they had on the shelf. Instead of tearing and dimming, her clothes got brighter and more vivid. She never cleaned, but her house was spotless and, more, furniture in it seemed to regenerate until everything appeared brand new.

Pandit made jokes about how his female patients all seemed depressed and broken after delivery, while Chandra got prettier and prettier. Their son was two years old before she finally figured it out.

She’d come out of a movie theater. Pandit and their son Robert were inside still, using the restroom, and while they’d watched Bedknobs and Broomsticks, someone in the parking lot had hit their car and driven off. Frustrated, Chandra glared at the wrinkled bumper and it straightened right out.

After that, she could no longer deny what was happening. She was standing athwart entropy. While everyone else aged, she improved. Once she admitted it to herself, it was clear to see how her body had been growing in strength, even as her mind sharpened.

She was approaching the apex of her human potential, she could heal and repair people and devices with equal ease, and all it got her was a growing sense that she needed something more than raising children and tending house.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Tyler T. Ford
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Raised to be demure and deferential, Chandra resists those attitudes—hard—once she realizes she’s one of the “superhumans” who keep grabbing headlines. By the time she becomes perfect, she is also arrogant and can show a maddening sense of privilege and entitlement.

Values: Feminism, Fairness, Self-Aggrandizement, The Safety of Children

Known Powers

  • Chandra's first power was the ability to make inanimate things Better Now.
  • She also has Hyperbody, Hypercoordination, Hypermind, Hypersense, Hypercommand, and Hypercharm as a result of her self-improvement. She has Hyperempathy and Hyperpersuade as well, which helps with her causes.
  • Chandra's major power, however, is her De-Entropize ability which is similar to Abe Sykes's Molecular Restoration, running the clock back on something damaged.
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