Cassandra Cowper

The Energy

Cassie was sixteen when she snuck out with her older sister and her friends to go hear the notorious radical Abbie Hoffman rant and rave and swear about the system. As it happened, they were in his first audience since being scanned by J. Edgar Hoover. Hoffman didn’t know what he was going to do to them. He knew he wanted them to feel strongly and to laugh and to agree with him, and they did all of that.

Only Cass, however, laughed so hard that she dissolved into a field of sparkling light.

A Force to be Reckoned With

Powers are oddly personal, and sixteen is an age of tremendous transition. Cassie wanted to be special and to blend into the crowd, she wanted to be safe and daring at the same times, she wanted to change profoundly. She did.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - Abbie Hoffman
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Cassie’s consciousness remained unchanged when she transformed into an energy being, but her pattern of preferences and opinions and beliefs is now held in a matrix of energy instead of a meat chunk influenced by exhaustion, hormones, diet and vitamin deficiencies. Where before her shy good humor and teen enthusiasm were like a concerto played on a piano, it’s now the same tune on a Moog synthesizer.

Values: Protecting America’s Northeast, Maintaining Her Superheroine Identity

Known Powers

  • Cass has an Alternate Form of an Energy Being which has permanently changed her. This makes her Insubstantial and Invulnerable.
  • She also has Flight, Telekinesis, and Power Strike to deal with enemies.
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