Callie Callahan

Career: Jazz Musician
Stats: Body 2, Coordination 3, Sense 3, Mind 3, Charm 3, Command 2
Skills: Brawling 1, Perception 2, Navigation 1, Research 2, Streetwise 1, Survival 1, Perform (clarinet/sax) 2

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Hank "Ace" Nolan… so far.

Loyalties: Blue Parrot (2)
Passions: Music (2), Social Progress (1)

Power Suite

Control Sound 5d + 5wd (150 points)

With her intimate familiarity with shaping sound, Callie's metahuman abilities allow her to shift any ambient sound into whatever she likes. She can turn the scuff of a foot into a piercing shriek, change the snap of her fingers into a shell of crushing infrasound that can stop bullets, and shift her own voice to sound like someone else's. When use to attack the power is only directed at one person, but the Useful and Defends Qualities are applied to a whole situation. Obviously these effects don't work in a vacuum, but even in a soundproof room Callie can make sounds herself and use them.

Attacks. Capacity: Range.
Defends. Capacity: Self.
Useful. Capacity: Range.

Immunity to Sound 4hd (24 points)

Callie is immune to any sound-based attacks including piercing sirens and metahuman attacks like David Stewart's roar.

Useful: Permanent +4, Self Only -3. Capacity: Self.

Supersensitive Hearing 4hd (16 points)

With her sensitive meta-musician's ears, Callie can hear supersonic and subsonic sounds. This can be overwhelming but it isn't damaging (see above).

Useful. Capacity: Range.

Heavy Armor 10hd (100 points)

Callie might not like fighting, but she's no pushover. This is a permanent infrasound effect that can augment the Defends Quality of her Control Sound ability.

Defends: Armored Defense -2, Duration +2, Interference +3. Capacity: Self.

Hypersense 1wd (16 points)

Callie has amazing hearing and intuition.

Hyperstat +4

Hypercommand 1wd (16 points)

While she still seems like a pushover, people sit up and listen when Callie speaks.

Hyperstat +4

Hyperperform 5wd (20 points)

With such a command of sound, Callie's playing has only improved.

Hyperskill +1

Hyperpersuasion 2d + 3hd (8 points)

Now that she can pitch her voice perfectly, Callie finds that she's much more persuasive.

Hyperskill +1

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