Brianna Mihulniac

Bringing Beauty to the Lives of Men

In art school, they said Brianna was competent, but pedestrian. Privately, that’s what some of her ex-lovers said about her too, not that she had many. She was as plain, portly and shy as the heroines of the books she illustrated were luscious, willowy and vivacious.

Yes, Brianna took her art school education and went to work in the romance industry, turning out cover after cover of women with their pouty lips in ovals and men with their shirts in disarray. Wavy hair, dewy eyes and glistening pectorals were her stock in trade.

Remarkably, it was healthy for her. Familiarity breeds contempt and seeing a parade of aspiring male models willing to to pose and strut and bend over for reference photos, all in exchange for some bucks or something in the portfolio… she started to get jaded to masculine beauty. This opened her up to romance with an appearance-challenged manager for a coffee-supply company. (A sharp dresser, but gangly, and with an unfortunate predisposition to skin tabs.)

She never knew when she got exposed. Her first inkling was when Ron, her boyfriend, asked if she wouldn’t like him better if he was handsomer. Even as she opened her mouth to demur, the notion crossed her mind and—with a shower of green sparks—Ron was suddenly bursting out of his shirt (though not as artfully as her illustration subjects) as he gained probably twenty pounds of plank chest, rippling abs and beautifully delineated deltoids. He had changed, instantly, into an Adonis.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - James Closterman - Quentin Tillson - Harper Bradbury - Owen Cole
Power Level: Tier Eight
Offspring: Günter Marsden

Personality: The combination of power, uncontrollability, sudden wealth and unpredictable power backlash leave Brianna subject to extreme mood swings. One day she’s energetic, excitable, giddy with giggly good cheer and bursting to use her abilities to their fullest. A week later can find her locked in her home, hiding from the world, afraid of another tragic accident.

Values: Aesthetics, Those She Transforms, Luxury

Known Powers

  • Brianna has the ability to make Man-tastic Makeovers to turn anyone into a young, healthy, sexy male. She can also use Heal and Improve to repair and enhance her "creations."
  • She also has Hyperperform for sculpture and visual art in keeping with her new understanding of form.
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