Barnabas Rommel

The Original

Barney was never really anything special. A petty grifter without the brains for the long con, a shoplifter without the leg speed for a long career, and a burglar without the skill to hit high-end targets. He was a loser, too lazy to hold down a steady job, living day to day off petty crime and sponging off his loving girlfriend Acey. He just happened to scam the wrong gal one day, a metahuman who was, lucky for him, non-ironically named Dana Burns. No, her power was telepathy and once she realized he was on the fake, she pounded him with psychic headaches until she got her money back. But she pounded something else into Barnabas as well.

Barnabas’ power is odd and complicated, but once he and Acey figured out exactly what was happening, they were up to their old tricks, only with a new tool.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Cole Laskin - E.J. Houghton - Sydney Ford - Moon Dawson - Angelica Ming - Egon Steinmetz - Dana Burns
Power Level: Tier Ten
Offspring: None

Personality: Equal parts ingratiating and calculating. Barnabas genuinely is friendly and he truly likes people. It’s just that he has no compunctions about stealing cash from people he likes. He’s more ‘lovable rogue’ than supervillain and he has no stomach for the rough stuff, zilch. He’s head over heels for Acey, and she’s the only one who gets to call him ‘Barney.’ Even she knows he hates being called ‘Barney Rommel.’

Values: Acey, Doing Things The Easy Way

Known Powers

  • Barnabas has the ability to Turn People Into Me, transforming those around him into temporary clones of himself.
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