Barbara French


Barb French was a crook, but not in the skeevy Jarvis West style or after the fashion of brute Alphonse Russo. No, Barb was a quiet, minor embezzler, and she even felt guilty about it. At first she dipped into her boss’ till (she was in the Accounts Receivable department) to get revenge when he belittled and teased her. But getting away with it was pretty intoxicating.

There was a lot of feminist (and revolutionary) rhetoric floating around in 1968 and Barb constructed some half-baked rationales for her thefts, but really? She was stealing ‘cause she was greedy, not as an act of rebellion against an oppressive gender hierarchy.

This explains, perhaps, why she was a little distracted one afternoon driving home. Distracted enough to run a stale yellow and only see at the last minute a surprised teenager standing in the crosswalk. She honked, she tried to swerve out of the way, but that just meant she hit Lin Wen with the corner of her car instead of the front. Barbara bounced over the curb and piled into a lamp post. Her head rebounded off the dashboard and though she wasn’t really hurt that bad, she was dazed and bleeding and they took her to the hospital along with Lin. There, Barb got healed by Abe Sykes not long after Lin was.

When the police came to talk to her, all she could think was how much she wished they couldn’t see her. Quickly coming to realize she was invisible, she explored the hospital just in time to catch her doctor making a joke about woman drivers. But it didn’t bother her much. She was just beginning to feel how light was bending to her will and responding to her desires.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abe Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Quiet, brooding, tends to hold a grudge against those she feels disrespect her. But thoughtful, generous and sympathetic to those who treat her well.

Values: Those She Wrongs Accidentally, Her Own Dignity, Atlantis

Known Powers

  • Barb has the ability to Control Light in any manner she wants.
  • She can use her ability defensively to grant herself Invisibility or use a Laser Zap against others.
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