Bao Verong

Pronunciation: Bow Vayrong

Blustering Figurehead

Nguyet Cam needed someone who would distract attention from her maneuvers, someone who would be like a bright, sparkly distraction while she worked her magic tricks behind the scenes. Unfortunately for her, the kind of psyche that cries out for attention and subservience doesn’t easily knuckle under, even to her superhuman levels of persuasion. Fortunately for her, Bao was not too bright but thought himself smarter than any around him, and therefore handed her many easy levers to manipulate. Bao really, truly believes he’s in charge of Vietnam and that while Nguyet Cam is a schemer, he has her well in hand. He agrees with her sometimes, disagrees often, and is ignorant of her opinions often. This does not stop her from manipulating every meaningful political decision he makes. It doesn’t even slow her down.

Bao Verong serves as the beloved and idolized leader of Vietnam until the formation of the Indochinese Economic Gestalt in 1976. He serves as the leader of the IEG until his death in 1983. Throughout, he is revered to the point of near-deification. Although he is completely Cam’s creature, almost no one knows this—Not Bao himself, and certainly not the millions who hang upon his word, or the hundreds of thousands who would die to preserve the principles they think he embodies.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Nguyet Cam
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Unknown

Known Powers

  • Bao has Hypercharm and Hypercommand, which makes him just the sort of leader Cam wants.
  • He also has a Defensive Radiance and Light Armor which protects him from assassins.
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