Austėja Simoneit

Career: Soldier

Growing up in Lithuania, Austėja lived in the shadow of World War II. Her country was ravaged by it and her family had suffered greatly. The stability of the Communist regime made things better and for those loyal to the party, like Austėja’s family, the rewards were great. She was a young fresh Lithuanian face at rallies and it was at one of these that she attracted the attention of a KGB operative. He recruited her to the agency and had her searching out disloyal Lithuanians. Because she had grown up with tales of Nazi sympathizers and traitors, she was all too willing to see all those working against the party in the same light.

When Alexander Shelepin asked his aides for a loyal operative from the Balkans, her name was at the top of the list. Meeting the head of the KGB was a great honor for Austėja, but meeting Yuliya Gomolova was something deeper, an instant hero worship. What Yuliya gave her only cemented this feeling…

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt - Yuliya Gomolova
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: None… yet.

Personality: Austėja is still a young woman with a lot of zeal and she acts the part well. She is quick to laugh, somewhat flirtatious, and genuinely delights in her country and people. Underneath this, however, is a hard woman of steel that grows as her role in the Druzhba expands. She is Yuliya’s loyal shadow and eager to prove herself.

Loyalties: The Communist Party (2), The KGB (2), Lithuania (2).
Passions: Unmasking Traitors (1)

Power Set

Create Portal 5d + 4wd (336 points)

Austėja’s major power is the ability to create large scale portals connecting two different spots. Once created, the portal can accommodate up to 640 tons at once without destabilizing and the range is 2,560 km. She can also make smaller scale portals to punch people through (also up to 2,560 km) and to swallow up bullets or punches thrown at her.

Attacks. Booster +2. Capacity: Range.
Defends. Capacity: Self.
Useful. Booster (Range) +2, Booster (Mass) +2, Duration +2, Power Capacity (Mass) +2. Capacity: Range and Mass

Hyperperception 5d (5 points)

Austėja’s eyesight is much better and she can see and gauge distances with amazing accuracy.

Hyperskill +1

Base Will +3 (9 points)

Before gaining powers, Austėja was devoted to the KGB and a loyal soldier. Afterwards, she is a honed knife searching out traitors.

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