August Derby

The Blight

Career: Layabout
One night in Liverpool, Adam Milliard stopped a pack of muggers intent on raping a woman on her way home with groceries. He was satisfied and smug, tying their wrists as they stood frozen in place, and he never saw the other guy until he was about ti crack him over the head with a cudgel. Before he could, though, another guy came out of the shadows and punched him out. He was grungy and rough but he got the job done and August sensed he found an ally in his mission.

He used his time-stopping powers on the man until he had the super as well. Then he found out just what sort of man he had allied himself with.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abe Sykes - Lin Wen - Adam Milliard
Power Level: Tier Five
Offspring: Michaela Thayer, Marielle Drake, Jennie Snyder, Robina Beckham, and two others

Personality: Put simply, August Derby is a selfish jerk. He’s had a tough life and learned early what sucking up can accomplish, but now that he’s got some power he feels the world owes him a lot in the way of apology.

Loyalties: Himself (2)

Passions: Controlling Others (2)

Power Suite

Blight 10d (10 points)

By focusing on an opponent (or a group thanks to his Spray Extra) August causes his opponent’s body to rot and turn ugly, a manifestation of his own inner ugliness. The effect is awful but it really is only a superficial change opposed by his opponent’s Body+Endurance roll to gobble his successes. As a Useful power, there is nothing directly damaging about August’s Blight but it does allow him to use his other sinister abilities.
The Blight is not damage but it requires healing to remove. Any power that can remove damage from wound boxes can also remove “Blight boxes” from a target. There are twenty in total for an infected person.

Useful: Daze +1, Engulf +2, Go First +1, Horrifying -1, Obvious -1, Spray +1, Focus -1, Durable +1, Immutable -2. Capacity: Range.

Corrupt 5d + 5wd (125 points)

August can use this ability to aggravate the Blight in a target to ruin their concentration, defenses, attacks, etc. When he uses this ability on a Blighted individual he can interfere with their Attack, Defense, or Useful powers by generating gobble dice equal to the width he rolls with this ability. It’s straining, however, and August’s head starts swimming every time he forces the corruption in someone.

Attacks: Interference +3, If/Then (must use Interference) –1, If/The (must be Blighted) -1, Mental Strain -2. Capacities: Range.
Defends: Interference +3, If/Then (must use Interference) –1, If/The (must be Blighted) -1, Range Capacity +2, Mental Strain -2. Capacities: Range.
Useful: Interference +3, If/Then (must use Interference) –1, If/The (must be Blighted) -1, Mental Strain –2. Capacities: Range.

Spreading Blight 10d (10 points)

When someone comes in contact with a Blighted person for a while (about 15 minutes) they have a chance of catching the Blight as well. The condition spreads to someone so long as August rolls any successes on Spreading Blight, but because of the Subtle Extra it’s difficult to notice that this is happening.

Useful: Attached (Blight) -2, Daze +1, Delayed Effect -2, Engulf +2, Exhausted -3, Focus -1, Permanent +4, Subtle +1, Durable +1, Immutable -2. Capacity: Self.

Start a Riot 10d (80 points)

This is pretty much the Mind Control power in Wild Talents but it only works on someone Blighted and it only makes people more violent. August delights in using this influence to turn enemies against each other in a fight, but with an effective range of 100,000 miles he can push any Blighted person on the planet.

Useful: If/Then (only works on the infected) -1, If/Then (only pushes towards violence) -1, Booster +6, Duration (+2). Capacity: Range.

Immunity to Decay 4hd (48 points)

August is immune to toxins, bacteria, radiation, and anything else that corrupts and poisons.

Useful: If/Then (corrupting things only) -1, Permanent +4, Self-Only -3, Variable Effect +4. Capacities: Self.

Regneration 9d (27 points)

This is just like the Regeneration ability in WIld Talents, except that August can’t turn it off once he activates it.

Useful: Always On -1, Engulf +2, Endless +3, Self Only –3. Capacities: Self.

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