The history of Atlantis is a curious and atypical one, starting with its rise from the ocean floor in 1969 and ending with its destruction in 1996. Other nations arose from the convenience or necessity of the many: Atlantis was commanded into existence by the will of one woman. Other nations evolved their culture and governance over generations: Atlantis attempted to create itself by dictating the best ideas onto a blank slate. And where the fates of other nations were, despite the influence of a few singular visionaries, usually dictated by the masses, Atlantis was always a nation of singular powers.


In 1969, a woman with massive powers to control earth and stone strode out into the ocean, rejecting the land of her birth and creating a new one. With an initial area of less than ten square miles, its maker Cynthia Carls gradually expands it to triple that number, making it larger than Bermuda (though never as thickly populated).

Initially, Atlantis is a small mountain about a mile in diameter, with a profile familiar from volcanic islands. Completely bare of vegetation at first, Cynthia levels the hilltop and builds a fantastical palace of quartz and white marble at its summit. Initially, the castle is Cynthia’s home, and she quickly builds a switchback road (later widened into Carls Highway) down the hill to the coast. The corners of the road branch off to terraces along the mountainside, all perfectly level. Lattices of stone, mimicking volcanic aquifers similar to those in Hawaii, gathered and purified rainwater, discharging it in a pond at the base of the mountain.
When she brings in the first settlers, they quickly make suggestions. A perfectly sheltered cove is installed at the end of the road. A horseshoe-crescent ridge rises up, about half the mountain’s height, sloping down to a beach on the outside and to a perfectly flat sheltered valley within. This plain, about two miles across and four long, is soon planted with tropical crops and irrigated by the Ormand Pond (named after the engineer who designed the landing cove).


As the population of the island grows, Cynthia adds more horseshoes opening to Peace Mountain at the center. Ultimately, Atlantis has four such wings, each successively longer. Although Carls made no attempt to publicize her island, she is joined by several other metahumans including Barbara French and Alphonse Russo (each other very different circumstances).


As Atlantis becomes a sovereign nation of metahumans, it becomes an incredible hotbed of international drama as a result. Some might say it is inevitable, but every metahuman refugee in the world wants to come to Atlantis and every other nation fears the unchecked power growing there. Things come to a head when the Shavians arrive to claim sanctuary and the population becomes split over their presence.


When the Shavians become hard-pressed and angry over the perceived "ransoming" of technologies that would help their race, they turn violent and seize the island. More level heads prevail, including Jason Weeks who promises to build them a second birth chamber and the hesitation from the Shavians is enough to allow the human Atlanteans to regain control of their island. Amanda Sykes has grown tired of the incident, however, and she threatens to erase the entire island if a peaceful arrangement can't be made. Atlanteans begin to abandon the island in droves in case she's serious and in October of 1996, once she's sure it's empty, Amanda sends Atlantis to the bottom of the ocean.

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