Arturo Lambruschi

Holocaust Junior

He hates being called “Holocaust Junior.” He’s not real fond of “The Second Oxygen Bomber” either.

Arturo didn’t even grow up oppressed in Ireland, for Pete’s sake. He was upper middle class in Padua, Italy, and stupid. As Janice King eventually phrased it, “It’s hard to resent Arturo’s patriarchal privileges when he’s spent his entire life pissing away every advantage he ever received.” A habitual boozer by age 16 and a mean drunk his whole life, Arturo rebelled against anything he could get his hands on.
He was always fascinated with the terrorist organizations of the seventies, reading everything he could comprehend on the Red Army Faction and jerking off to old photos of Ulrike Meinhof and Gudrun Ensslin. But what really cranked his knob was Glóir, who had the same insurgent terror badass vibe and superpowers. So when the world fell apart in 1983 and a shot-down satellite blew up his family home, he lit out to the north figuring that the super-rebels would end up on the top of the heap and he wanted to be there to help them find good cocaine and build thrones out of English skulls.

In a less crazy world or less crazy time, he would have died. He should have died. But instead he got dark energy and, though he was only a pale reflection of the Tier Five Holocaust he still found Glóir—or its shaken and bitter remnants—welcoming him with open arms.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lyndon Baines Johnson - J. Edgar Hoover - James Closterman - Quentin Tillson - Harper Bradbury - Owen Cole - Brianna Mihulniac - Günter Marsden
Power Level: Tier Ten
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: He’s a dick. I could get into his arrogance, sexism, cruelty and willful ignorance but - yeah, really, he’s just a dick

Values: Glóir, Raising Hell

Known Powers

  • Arturo has the ability to Transform Matter to Oxygen just like Terrence O'Shay.
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