Aristophanes Baaden

Master of Sound

Aristophanes Baaden—“Risto” to his friends—was one of those quiet people who love sound. Soft-voiced, he played the cello at basisonderwijs in Kortrijk, switched to upright bass in secundair onderwijs and quit playing seriously at eighteen when his family moved from Brussels to Paris.

He was a little disillusioned when he realized that lots of musicians who were much better than him were still struggling for work. But he was also a little relieved. He was not one to crave attention. He studied sound engineering and got a job in a studio. He started with a lot of short radio commercials but eventually worked on records for some of his struggling musician friends. He also met a woman, fell in love, and moved in with her.

They might have still broken up in different circumstances, but c’est la vie. As it fell out, she worked for a radio station and met Charles Priestley. Charles Priestly worked for a record company and had been present when Deionne Bright guested on a track. Priestly caught super, became hypercognitive and super-suave, and passed it on again to Risto’s girlfriend Anaïs Suan. Anaïs became a teleporter and set out to make her fortune.

At first, it was great. She was making money shipping food to famine zones and it was a breeze for her to take them to Tahiti or New York, not just for a weekend, but for lunch. But she started moving around a new crowd. A metahuman clique, and shy Risto felt more and more marginalized, even as Anaïs got more and more preoccupied.

He discovered his powers when it all came to a head and they had an argument. It escalated from cutting words to shouts, and he didn’t really realize what he was doing when he blasted her out the window.

Anaïs teleported to safety, but it was clearly time to divide the record collection. When she got her wits back around her, she reported the assault to the gendarmerie, and that’s when Risto’s problems really began.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Deionne Bright - Charles Priestly - Anaïs Suan
Power Level: Tier Six
Offspring: Connor Sprague and four others

Personality: Formerly he was all gallic resignation masking quiet desperation. On the run from the cops and slandered as a supervillain, his desperation is becoming louder. He’s a normal guy with abnormal powers in a tense situation.

Values: Professionalism, Music

Known Powers

  • Aristophanes is a Master of Sound which gives him complete control over that medium.
  • He can use his powers offensively as a Sonic Blast and defensively as Sonic Resistance aagainst sound effects used on him.
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