Angelica Ming

The People's Collective

Born in San Francisco the year Amanda Sykes is identified by name as the Progenitor, Angelica grew up accepting metahumans as part of life, just like the Bomb and the VCR. She was seven years old when “The Basher” bombed San Francisco over its Anita Bryant protests and thirteen when the Metal Virus struck. By that time, she’d been exposed and was ready to fight back.

Angie was lucky to catch it. In 1980, she was ten and got lost. A visiting Atlantean found her crying and asked where her parents were. When she said she didn’t know, the nice Atlantean lady seemed sad, and suddenly Angie did know. Before that point, Atlantean Moon Dawson hadn’t known she had a power. With its first use, she passed dark energy to Angie.

Angie didn’t realize she had a power until she and a friend were trying to get down a frisbee stuck in a tree. It was just out of reach and her friend offered Angelica a boost. As soon as they touched, they were able to do far more than fetch a lost toy. They melded into a single entity, a blob of roiling flesh that could stretch, grab, roll… until it broke apart, leaving Angie bemused and her friend terrified and sobbing.

With experimentation, Angie discovered she could transform into a powerful, stretchy flesh-blob—but only when someone agreed to help her. Moreover, that blob could absorb up to five people total, as long as they said yes, and they would all be returned to normal when the collective dissolved.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes - Cole Laskin - E.J. Houghton - Sydney Ford - Moon Dawson
Power Level: Tier Seven
Offspring: Leo Dap, Egon Steinmetz, and two others

Personality: Determined, optimistic, even chipper, Angelica’s forceful nature is shaped by the constant need to form a coalition to activate her powers. Without dark energy, or with a different ability, she might have become bossy and shrill. As it is, she’s assertive but respectful, and a good listener.

Values: San Francisco, Justice and Security

Known Powers

  • Angelica can Assimilate People into a fleshy blob, gaining more Hyperbody with each assimilation.
  • She also gains a Meat Shield defensive ability, Multiple Actions, Size Shift, Unconventional Move to go faster, Elasticity, and Rampaging Free Will, each one growing with more people absorbed.
  • Angelica also has Hyperempathy.
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