Andrew Colt

The Perfect Strategist

Andrew Colt went straight up the ladder. From a military family, he attended West Point, got his first commission midway through World War II, served with distinction in Korea, and was coordinating recruiting efforts stateside as a two-star General when Sergeant Marshall came forward with “something he really needed to see.”

General Colt saw Amanda Sykes tear apart a Jeep with her bare hands, fly unaided and, when he asked if she could restrain people at a distance, she responded by paralyzing him.

The visions started soon after that, but at first he refused to accept them. The voices were next and they alarmed him, but when he heard about Sét and learned that Amanda’s energies might be contagious, he figured it out.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes
Power Level: Tier Two
Offspring: Bich Thi Nguyen, Tracy Colt, Andrew Colt Jr., Jason Blume, Mark May, Art Harmon, Joe Ruiz, an ARVN commander, and a Vietcong officer.

Personality: General Colt is a third generation Army brat. Formality is normality to him. In his personal life he is a soft-spoken, gentle and invariably polite man. His innate caution and patience put him at odds with some of the more excitable officers and soldiers, but nobody calls him a fool.

Outside of work, General Colt enjoys the simple pleasures—fishing, hiking, canoeing and nature photography, often with his wife and son. At work, he’s a somber and patient patriarch.

Values: The USA. His Family

Known Powers

  • Colt uses his Telepathy and his ability to Perceive Other Places to spy on his enemies and find the perfect strategy to use against them.

The Breaking Point

In The Breaking Point setting, Colt is a pivotal figure who gives power to three Russian agents and three American citizens during the National Mall Incident in 1968. Rather than the list given above, Colt's power offspring in this setting are Tracy Colt, Andrew Colt Jr., Bich Thi Nguyen, Callie Callahan, Dr. Magnus Ostberg, Private Karl Berger, Shura Sokoloff, Yuliya Gomolova, and Aleksei Matveev.

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