Amanda Sykes

The Progenitor

Up until 1967, Amanda Sykes was a normal woman. Born Amanda Carson in 1934, she went to high school in Longton, Kansas, attended the University of Kansas but left before completing a degree. She’d met Abraham Sykes and fallen in love. They got married, moved to his farm and had a baby, and then she got .5% of the total energies of the universe lodged in her.

It was fall of 1967, she and her daughter Amy were bringing Abe a picnic lunch on a sunny Saturday and something happened. None of the Sykes’ were able to explain or describe it clearly, later, but it was random, and violent, and loud, and it hurt. Amanda felt like she was coming apart, but at the same time like she was forcing herself together. She screamed, and shattered every window within twenty miles.
Then it ended. But it had really only begun.

Over the next few months, Amanda gradually realized that she had powers. That she could lift tremendous weights. That she could withstand things that should have hurt or bruised her, that she no longer got tired or had aches. She learned to fly and then she learned how to take the energies she had and do… well, anything really.

She didn’t know what she wanted to do. But early in 1968 she saw footage of the Tet offensive in Vietnam and she knew what she had to do.

Lineage: Not applicable.
Power Level: Tier One
Offspring: Abe Sykes, Amy Sykes, Nguyet Cam, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Christopher Marshall, Andrew Colt, Ky Thientong, Dac Kien Truc, Ngoc Vo, and one other.

Personality: Initially Amanda is a typical woman of her time and culture. She’s polite, quiet, slightly deferential to men. A bit of an idealist, Amanda believes as she has been taught—in God, country, law and her elected officials. More than anything, she wants to help.

Values: The USA, Liberally Interpreted Judeo-Christian Morality, Family

Known Powers

  • Amanda can use Dark Energy Projection to grant herself nearly any ability she wants. She "configures" her powers to give herself Versattack and Versatility as the situation demands.
  • She also is Immune to Dark Energy Effects so that other metahumans cannot affect her directly and her D.E.Fense blocks physical attacks.
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