Alyssa Veronne

Co-Dependent Supergirlfriend

Alyssa was never self-confident. Pudgy and shy and sensitive, she was a clingy girlfriend who eventually got engaged and became an obsessive fiancée who wanted her wedding day to be just perfect. So she rushed about and hectored the florist and flirted with bulimia in preparation for a day that (though she never really expressed it this way) she subconsciously expected to be the apex of her life.

Every woman is beautiful on her wedding day, and Alyssa’s expensive hairdo, designer gown and flush of excitement certainly left her lovelier than she’d ever been. Walking through the botanical garden in flawless spring weather, she felt her heart swell with happiness right before a coarse voice said, “Daaaaym, you lookin’ fine! How ‘bout you do a little dance f’me?”

Jarvis West had crashed the party. His powers of body control kept the guests from leaving, and his power of pain kept anyone from doing anything to harsh his perpetual buzz. The exception was the groom. He let the groom try to hit him and, of course, the love of Alyssa’s life couldn’t do it.
Alyssa, then, became the centerpiece of one of West’s demented sexual scenarios and, when he got bored, he made everyone conga out of the garden while he pillaged the buffet. When his power over her broke, she turned to her fiancé and… he couldn’t even look at her. Alyssa wished she could just disappear.

And she did.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Abraham Sykes - Jarvis West
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: Unknown

Personality: Brittle, perfectionist, insecure, clingy and obsessive. After she comes into her powers, she adds manipulative, shrill and pushy. One thing she isn’t is introspective.

Values: Current Host, Destroying Villains

Known Powers

  • Alyssa is Insubstantial and Invisible all the time and can only communicate with Telepathic Exchange.
  • She has Hyperbody and Hypermind as well as Regeneration to make sure she can stand up to Jarvis West if she gets the chance again.
  • She also has Aces to protect whoever she's bonded with and Willpower Battery to pull energy from them.
  • Alyssa has created a Soul Fortress to block any sort of mind control in the future.
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