Alphonse Russo


Zipperneck got his nickname because of a ragged transverse scar that stretches across the front of his throat. It’s a memento of an attempted jail house snitch-shanking gone embarrassingly awry, but it’s a testament to Zipperneck’s lawyers that he ever left prison after that. (The official narrative is that the snitch attacked him and Alphonse only defended himself after disarming the man who’d gouged open his neck.)

Alphonse is second generation Mafia, arrogant, loud, crude, tasteless and direct. On the plus side, he prides himself on never breaking a promise, but given that his most common promises are things like “I swear I’m gonna kill you!” it’s hard to consider that an unalloyed virtue.

So this goombah got into a string with Jack Grimes to kidnap the daughter of this American woman with crazy powers who was fighting overseas. Grimes had good information, an inside source, they knew that the scary mom was on the other side of the globe and that the dad was just some kind of sad-sack peacenik. So they hit the dad with a car, snatched the girl, made ready to shove her in a van, and then the bitch exploded.

The kidnap gang was five men. Only Jack and Zipperneck survived, having been flung into Boston Harbor instead of brick walls and telephone poles like the other three. Sloshing around in agony, Zipperneck (who couldn’t swim) went down for the second time, pounded the water as hard as he could, and shot up into the air. And then he flew.

Infected with dark energy, Zipperneck could not only fly, he’d developed massive strength and near-invulnerability. This constellation of powers would eventually become the most common, but Alphonse was the first, and the strongest.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Amy Sykes
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Hal Bryson and seven others.

Personality: As I mentioned, arrogant, crude, pushy and boorish. But while he lies as much as the next crook, he never breaks a solemn vow. Like, for example, his rashly sworn vow to destroy Amy Sykes.

Values: Code of Omertà, His Own Comfort and Pleasure

Known Powers

  • Zipperneck has Hyperbody and is Extra Tough with Heavy Armor and Light Armor.
  • He's also Immune to Whatever which includes suffocation, starvation, radiation, etc.
  • Oh, and he has Flight.
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