Aleksei Matveev

The Double Agent

Career: Soldier

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Andrew Colt
Power Level: Tier Three
Offspring: Zhansaya Bekmambetov, Sardar Berdyev, Adolfo Chavarría, Olek Kohut, Rusudani Melua, Adelita Orellana, Branislaw Skaryna, and one other.

Loyalties: The U.S.S.R. (4), The Mission (3), The Communist Party (3)
Passions: Playing the Part (4)

Power Suite

Dead Ringer 10hd (140 points)

This is just as it’s described in Wild Talents, but with ten Hard Dice it’s pretty foolproof. Short of telepathy, there are few methods of determining that Aleksei is not who he claims to be. If he runs out of Willpower it will shut down and if he’s killed then he reverts to his original appearance. While it’s a slow transformation, though, he’s capable of staying “in character” as long as he wants.

Useful: Endless +3, Go Last -1, If/Then (Variable Effect is only for choosing different appearances) –1, Variable Effect +4. Capacities: N/A.

Telepathy 5d + 5wd (200 points)

While he can change his appearance, you can also spot Aleksei by cross-examination. Except that he’s an amazing telepath. This power is just as described in Wild Talents. just really powerful.

Attacks: Non-Physical +2. Capacity: Range.
Defends. Capacity: Self.
Useful. Capacity: Range.

Hypercharm 2hd (16 points)

If you can’t beat ‘em, charm ‘em.

Hyperstat +4.

Hyperlie 5hd (10 points)

Once he learns all those secrets, he has to sell them. Good thing Aleksei is also amazing at that.

Hyperskill +1.

Hyperscrutiny 4d (4 points)

Of course, he also needs to know when to walk away.

Hyperskill +1.

Base Will +10 (30 points)

Being undercover takes a lot of self-control and awareness. This has only been boosted by Aleksei’s powers.

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