Adam Milliard

(Time Lord)

Career: Professional

Adam was on vacation in Dublin when it all happened. In some ways it was the worst vacation of his life, but in a very important way it was his best. While walking around Dublin past the Mountjoy Prison, he was caught up in a fight between Glóir and the combined powers of Lin Wen and Paige Rampling. He was caught by stray bullets and rushed to a nearby hospital by a grief-stricken Lin.

Somewhere along the way to the hospital, Lin passed on dark energy to him and it might have been the extra willpower that it leant him which allowed Adam to survive the incident. He recovered quickly, in fact, and during his hospital stay discovered that he could freeze time around him. Keeping this to himself for the moment, he returned to his native England, all the while hearing about the damages and violence caused by the IRA and their metahuman strike force.

Something should be done, he realized, and Adam Milliard had just enough hubris to immediately decide that soemthing was him.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes - Lin Wen
Power Level: Tier Four
Offspring: August Derby, Tawnee Merle, Matthew Reese, Gilbert Varnham, Ben Hampton, Seraphina Brewer, and Gina Renaud

Personality: Being generous, you can call him determined and fearless. More critically, you can call him a megalomaniac… and many have on both sides of the Irish Sea. Adam got his powers and immediately set about recruiting others to help him put an end to demonstrations and sepratist feelings. How you categorize that depends entirely on what you think of his politics.

Loyalties: The United Kingdoms (5), the Crown (3).
Passions: Anti-Terrorism (5), Leading (4), Heroism (2).

Power Suite

Chronostasis 5D+5WD (250 points)

Milliard's signature power allows him to freeze time around his targets, freezing them in place. He can freeze them for a whole scene if he likes from ranges up to nearly three miles away. The real power, though, comes from the high capacity mass: at ten dice with two Boosters he can time freeze up to 1,280 tons of material at a time. With High Capacity he can also all of his successes towards towards range and mass at the same time. This is how he can time freeze an entire crowd at Red Lion Square and freeze cars fleeing.

Remember that the two Booster extras can be used back and forth between Mass and Range each time the power is used. If he doesn't need to freeze too many people he can use the extras to boost Range by a hundred times, or he can multiple Range by ten and Mass by ten.

If only it could be used to attack and defend too…

Useful (+2), Mass, Booster x2 (+3), High Capacity (Mass) (+1), Power Capacity (Range) (+2), Interference (+3), Duration (+2), Willpower Cost (-2)

Time On Your Side 4HD (50 points)

This is what Milliard's powers look like when used defensively. It's essentially Heavy Armor with hard dice and the Duration means that he activates it at the beginning of the battle and it operates automatically from there. Essentially, Milliard sets up a contained time loop around himself which catches up any bullets, fists, or energy beams headed towards him.

Defends (+2), Self, Duration (+2), Armored Defense (-2), Interference (+3)

Break Time 5D+2WD (65 points)

While Milliard has a unique perspective on time that makes him immune to the mind-altering details of his own tricks, others are not so lucky. When he messes with their sense of time, Milliard can cause aneurisms, nausea, and internal bleeding, all at a range of hundreds of yards.

Attacks (+2), Range, Deadly (S to S&K) (+2), Daze (+1)

Base Willpower +15 (45 points)

Adam sees himself as a magnificent leader who will lead the UK through this crisis, like Churchill and King Arthur before him. He has more than a little bit of a messiah complex by the time the conflict with Glóir really gets underway…

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