Abraham Sykes

Husband and Healer

Born on a family farm, Abe had to grow up fast when both his parents were killed in a car wreck two months before he graduated with an Agriculture degree. His three younger brothers and two sisters ran the farm until he could graduate, and then he took over. It was basically the family’s plan all along, just on an accelerated schedule.

There were some uneasy years as his younger brothers, still living on the farm in his custody, tried to work out whether he was supposed to be a peer or a parent, but eventually they left (Marines, college and a job in Alaska, respectively) and he got by, selling part of his land and hiring hands to work the remainder. He was content, if lonely, until he met Amanda Sykes at a bowling alley when she dropped a ball on his foot and fractured three of his tarsal bones. She felt awful, visited him in the hospital and, in time, married him. They were happy, though their politics were a little different, until a day in 1967 when she was bringing him a picnic lunch.

Lineage: Amanda Sykes
Power Level: Tier Two
Offspring: Cynthia Carls, Deionne Bright, Barbara French, LeRoi Mathers, Boris Mizurski, Tina Shaw, Jason Weeks, Lin Wen, Jarvis West

Personality: Abe is a gentle, patient and considerate soul. He bears no ill will towards any creed, race or color, and shares with his wife a real desire to do what he can to ease the pains of the world. Many who see only the patient surface (and the spectacular healing powers) regard him as a living saint. They’ve never seen the ease with which he can draw a knife across a pig’s throat or wring a chicken’s neck. But Abe is a farmer, and his ties to both life and death are simple and direct. He does what he needs to without dithering or regret.

Values: The USA, Mercy and Kindness, His Family, ID/EA and New ID/EA

Known Powers

  • Abe can use Molecular Restoration to repair buildings and objects as well as Corporeal Refinement to heal people of any ailment.
  • He can also use his Rectoperception power to see into an object's past in order to determine exactly what happened to it.
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